Insight Commences Peace Education Program

December, 2008

Joining us in November, Holly Dranginis has begun a year-long consultancy with the Collaborative to direct a global project on conflict resolution education for youth. The initiative is an expansion of the work she did in The Hague this past summer in collaboration with the International Criminal Court (ICC) as Insight’s first Summer Fellow. It aims to achieve a long-standing goal held by the ICC Chief Prosecutor and Insight to integrate peace education into core curricula worldwide towards the prevention of violent conflict.
Holly brings relevant experience in transitional justice research, peace advocacy, and grant writing to the Collaborative. She will be working with Insight Analyst Rachel Milner Gillers and the current Insight Fellows to choose and customize curriculum, build partnerships with education practitioners and academics, design a module for implementation, and produce development materials including grant proposals and presentations for potential funders. Currently in the research stage, Holly is investigating best-practices and gaps in similar preexisting programs and envisioning a strategy through which programs will be effectively integrated into education systems, paying close attention to specific cultural and political parameters in potential beneficiary communities.