Insight Facilitates a Child Soldiers Initiative Meeting

November, 2008

On November 17, 2008, Insight Collaborative facilitated a meeting convened by the Child Soldiers Initiative (CSI) to discuss strategies for eliminating the use of child soldiers. Headed by former United Nations Commander General Romeo Dallaire, CSI is developing a toolkit to secure the release of child soldiers conscripted in present conflict and prevent future recruitment. Insight Partners CEO Patrick McWhinney and Senior Associate Emily Epstein facilitated discussions among the leading experts invited to participate, eliciting and consolidating feedback on the toolkit. Agreement emerged around the value of approaching the issue with a military framework, as well as the need for greater cohesion among the diverse sectors involved. Conclusions from the meeting and the ongoing dialogue initiated will allow CSI to enhance the document’s scope and effectiveness for use in the field by key international stakeholders. Insight Fellow Carl Conradi made the initial contact with CSI and coordinated our participation.